Sunday, 2 March 2014


Some beings are ordinary in one context but extraordinary in another. Thus:

Kryptonians' strength, speed, agility and visual acuity enable them to function normally in their home environment but make them superior elsewhere;

Hawkman is a humanoid member of an extraterrestrial police force;

Green Lantern is a human member of an interstellar police force;

Warpsmith is a humanoid member of an interstellar defense force.

Miracleman no 3 (New York, 2014) reprints Warpsmith: Cold War, Cold Warrior. The panel order is confusing on p. 27. Also, in panel 6, a character seems miniaturized but, I now realize, is seen at a distance. This story discloses information about:

Black Warpsmiths;
the Gulf Worlds;
the Qys and their body wardrobe.

We do not yet suspect that MM's two bodies result from Qys tech. We do see a Warpsmith execute a Qys spy by teleporting his body parts in different directions.

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