Monday, 20 January 2014

Smallville: Redux

Jerry Siegel said that he based Superman on Samson and Hercules and every other strongman. Thus, Greek myth was one input. Appropriately, Lionel taught Lex a moral lesson based on the myth of Prometheus and now Lex tells Lana the moral story of Pandora.

I thought that the new Smallville High Principal (see image) would turn out to be yet another single episode Wall of Weird sinister customer. Instead, he is just this guy with an understandable grudge against Luthors and is not involved in the mysterious deaths except as a potential victim.

Clark and Chloe are so used to "Weird" that they have no trouble in grasping that the villain of this episode is remaining indefinitely young by stealing youth and life from others. She has an interesting rationalization, that she is saving them as well as herself from aging.

Lana hopes to find her biological father and Clark wants to build a relationship with Martha's estranged father. Jonathan and Martha, having already quarreled with the guy, had an interesting reason for keeping him away from the growing Clark. He might not have kept quiet about Clark's developing powers. So the deception started that far back. Clark, prompted by the new Principal, realizes that he will probably become a journalist because he wants to find the truth.

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