Thursday, 16 January 2014

Marvel Comics Miracleman no 1

(i) Fawcett Comics stopped publishing the original Captain Marvel because of law suits from the publishers of Superman.

(ii) The Mick Anglo Marvelman ceased publication I think because he could not compete with newly imported American superheroes.

(iii) Warrior magazine published a reconceptualized Marvelman, received legal heat from Marvel Comics, then stopped publishing.

(iv) Eclipse Comics re-published, colored and continued the reconceptualized Marvelman, renamed Miracleman, but went bankrupt.

(v) Now Marvel Comics re-publishes both the Mick Anglo Marvelman and the Eclipse Comics Miracleman, the latter recolored, and hopefully will complete the latter.

(vi) Meanwhile, the Superman publishers publish the original Captain Marvel and Marvel Comics have their Captain Marvel.

Moral: a superhero cannot be killed.

Comment: the recoloring is subdued and superb, more like the way DC Comics colored the Warrior magazine V For Vendetta by the same original writer.

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