Monday, 20 January 2014

Grounded In Reality

Several visual details ground Miracleman in familiar mundane reality before the title character flies into space:

a quiet British motorway very early while it is still dark;
a married couple prepares for a working day (we do not yet know what Liz does);
a railway station announcement and a hurrying commuter;
a train moving through the English countryside;
children demonstrating against the opening of a Nuclear Power Plant in the fictitious town of Larksmere.

The opening page of the second installment has six panels but we only notice the fourth, fifth and sixth and the speech balloons which partly cover the first three. These three panels are long and thin, although of increasing width, showing:

clouds and a star in a night sky;
more clouds and stars;
a building with lights in the windows.

Although we probably miss it, this is what Mike sees as he flies home. We gather that the Morans live in a London flat. Familiar reality persists, for a while, after Miracleman's rebirth.

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