Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Dream Of Flying

Fifty years ago, I read Superman and Marvelman but was too young to know of the missing link. Later, I heard of Captain Marvel, then learned of his crucial intermediate role.

In "A Dream Of Flying", Miracleman no 1 (New York, 2014):

trucks drive along an empty British Motorway before sunrise;
Michael Moran dreams, then wakes to a working day;
the, to some of us familiar, Marvelman Family seem to exist only in Michael's recurring dream;
we read prose that was never in the original - "His power courses through his veins like molten silver. His muscles move with precise grace beneath his skin. He knows he is invincible..." (p. 13);
the original comic merely stated that Marvelman was "...Invincible and Indestructible" (p. 42) - he and we are about to learn that he is not;
Liz Moran is a new character but so, effectively, is Michael, bearing no relationship to the original MICKY;
we see Liz naked;
when Michael takes a train, we read references to the Lake District and Oxenholme;
Michael tries to remember "...that damn word..." (p. 14), but I have quoted this before.

What's not to like?

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